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100+ Specialities

Trust us to fulfill all your paid marketing talent needs across diverse domains and disciplines. Our extensive range of performance marketing solutions covers a wide spectrum of expertise and services, such as:

Performance Marketers Who Embrace Your Firm

Welcome paid media specialists who truly immerse themselves in your firm’s growth. Our team of professionals goes beyond the surface level, diligently attending to every account detail, from reporting and preparation to analysis.

Optimise Operational expenses

Hiring paid media specialists shouldn't break the bank. Rest assured, we handle any business challenge and deliver exceptional PPC and Social Media advertisement services that provide value for your investment, ensuring financial success while keeping costs in check.

We're all about Quality and Speed

Leave the hassle of finding your ideal SEM experts and PPC specialists to us. We prioritize speed and quality, ensuring seamless talent recruitment for you. Focus on what you do best, confident that we'll handle the rest!

Feel the power of 5000+ Committed Experts

We understand the importance of cultivating a happy and dedicated performance marketing community that stays with us for the long run. Experience the transformative power of a united community and witness the positive impact it has on your business's success.

Global Hiring has never been easier

We are a one-stop-shop solution for talent, HR, technology, benefits, and office space for marketing teams around the Globe. Let us handle hiring, training, onboarding, and managing global talent while you relax, unwind, and focus on achieving your goals.

Take Your Hiring Game to New Heights

Our commitment to brilliance drives us to go the extra mile to attract the best talent. Our rigorous screening process ensures that we hand-pick only the finest SEM experts and PPC specialists as your teammates. We strive to bring you exceptional marketing professionals who are dedicated to your success.

Define hiring needs and specific roles.

Screening interview based on qualifications and experience.

Technical assessments to evaluate relevant skills.

Panel interviews with partners.

Welcome to our team!

Remote work revolution, with Local Office

Experience the best of both worlds with GrowthAssist. With us, you enjoy the perfect blend of harmonious work-life balance and valuable in-person connections. Through our offices in India, we elevate talent across Asia but also simplify in-person meetings with the local customer success team in California, USA.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hire Google Ads Expert from GrowthAssist and unveil an efficient way of executing business operations. Our Tech experts take over the legwork and give you freedom from the tedious hiring process and even post-hiring responsibilities.


Yes, our skilled AdWords PPC consultants demonstrate their expertise by obtaining industry-leading certifications and regularly upgrading their skills.

A PPC Specialist is responsible for managing pay-per-click advertising campaigns, including planning, designing, implementing, and analyzing ad performance.

Every candidate who applies at GrowthAssist has to go through a series of assessments, including Communication Test, Aptitude test, Technical MCQ test, Live Coding test, and a final Technical Interview round before they are added to our team.


With GrowthAssist’ comprising the top 3.5% of marketing professionals, finding the top Google AdWords Experts is now easy. Our team of talent success coaches helps you hire and manage top talent remotely.


A successful advertising campaign maximizes your ad rank (more views) and minimizes your cost-per-click. As you improve your Quality Score, your ad rank will improve exponentially, and as your campaign results improve, your cost-per-click will drop.


Managing expectations prior to starting an SEO and/or PPC campaign is equally important. The initial step is to understand the client’s business, followed by the flow of the site and competitive landscape. The next step is to determine the goals that’ll help set the expectations for a PPC campaign. Moreover, you should also consider multiple dependent factors that’ll help you set realistic expectations.